Sharpen Your Cybersafety Arsenal

Claudiu introduces 3 essential cybersafety razors: 1. Anti-Phishing: Treat suspicious messages like phishing. 2. Data Breach: Assume stolen data is exploited. 3. Cyber Extortion: Ransomware equals compromised data. Stay vigilant!

The New NSFW (with cats)

NSFW is passé with remote work, but beware of cyber threats like extortion, fraud, clickbait, and surveillance. Password hygiene, skepticism towards emails, and cautious clicking are vital for security. Privacy is a precious asset in the digital age, worth safeguarding at all costs.

Cyberfraud at Scale

Scams thrive underground due to lax enforcement, financial incentives, and massive online transactions. Institutions prioritize profit over ethics, leaving consumers vulnerable. Fines fail to hold them accountable, leaving the public at risk.


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