What do those creepy 'dead air' phone calls, smart TVs and audio annotation apps have in common? They all want to record your voice for profit.

As a biometric identifier, your voice constitutes personally identifiable information (PII) and we all give out free samples on a daily basis, presumably with consent.

But should you allow your school to use a new edtech app to record your children, export it to foreign companies and store it in the cloud for fun and profit? Think twice before you give consent to use Google add-ons for voice comments, audio assistants and other gimmicks.

Schools and district boards very rarely possess adequate qualifications for evaluating the safety and privacy of educational technology, so do not hesitate to withhold consent until you see a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) conducted by qualified, external auditors, or privacy regulators.

Click to read referenced article: Collection of voice data for profit raises privacy fears - ABC News (go.com)