Claudiu’s 2-Minute Defensive Guide to Creating Online Accounts

Alt title: Registering for a new online account? You’re doing it wrong.

Whether it’s a store that wants to CYA by outsourcing a form to some foreign nation’s kid because they couldn’t be bothered to take 5 minutes to create a Google form, or your gym’s COVID form or the use of edtech that monetizes your children’s data for fun any profit under the watchful eye of corrupt functionaries at my kids’ school board, you can rest assured I’ve got your solution. 

The folly of assuming that your personal information is worthless is as bad as assuming those who summarily collect it will protect it. For one, they have no plans to ever delete it. There will forever be a record that you were there. Forever. The chance of that log being stolen? The closer to forever, the higher the likelihood. Let’s call it 100%, since it’s front-end loaded because there are literally no controls at the moment and everyone has access, you know, for business purposes.

> use full pseudo
> use + in emails
> use HIBP alerts
– naturally, use a PWDB