A gentle reminder that while voice print technology was dubious from the get-go, is has of late been firmly discredited by security professionals and researchers around the world.
Just because banks and telcos - notorious for suffering from a perennially false sense of security - continue to push this "feature" onto callers, it doesn't mean that you have to also drink the Kool-Aid.

Click to read the referenced article: How secure are voice authentication systems really? | Waterloo News | University of Waterloo (uwaterloo.ca)

Such technology could not pass proper vendor due diligence without a golf course handshake and definitely would raise serious risk flags under any rigorous security testing.

Be sure to enforce your privacy right to opt-in consent and demand proof of prompt deletion when you opt out (otherwise refer to Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada/Commissariat à la protection de la vie privée du Canada vs Rogers Communications PIPEDA case #2022-003).

(with a tip of the hat to pros such as Andre Kassis, Urs Hengartner and Rachel Tobac for moving the needle in this regard)