I asked my handy generative AI what it thinks I look like when I write my mysterious security and privacy blogs. This image is what it came up with.

For the many Canadians poised to enjoy their Victoria Day long week-end with a fun sprinkle of security and privacy content, I've got you. I asked my staff to pick their favourite titles from the Bad Security Blog and they came through with flying colours, even including a few zingers from my Bad Privacy Blog archives. So have a read, send me some feedback, and have a safe & secure week-end!

Protecting Children’s Data: What Will It Take?
Proposed legislation takes a multifaceted approach to student data privacy, but do these ideas make sense — and will they stick?
The TikTok Ban is Definitely Not About Security
The Anti-TikTok bill rushes law creation, neglecting public opinion and business interests. This truly underscores the need for a comprehensive national privacy law.
Privacy at Risk: The Controversial Reality of Google’s Facial Data Collection from Children
Unveiling a disconcerting initiative, Google is actively gathering intricate details like eyelid shape and skin tone from children.
Unmasking Cyber-Kidnapping: Navigating the Landscape of Exploitation and Security Hype
The rise of “cyber-kidnapping” targeting immigrant and Asian families exploits fear and urgency. Beware sensationalized narratives fueling profitable clicks, distracting from real issues. Let’s stay vigilant against erosion of trust, privacy, and security.
We Should All Use a Password Manager, For Privacy’s Sake!
For the third annual World Password Day Survey, Bitwarden polled over 2,000 internet users globally (United States, United Kingdom…
Reviving the Canary
Companies forced to secretly share information about their customers used to rely on the warrant canary mechanism to alert the public of…