Here are 8 sentences you will be unable to un-read today:

  1. Google is collecting the eyelid shape and skin tone of children via parent submitted videos.
  2. Working on Google’s behalf, TELUS is offering parents $50 to film their children wearing various props such as hats or sunglasses as part of the Project.
  3. Google will collect facial geometry. Video recording (without voice).
  4. The child will also need to show a form of identification.
  5. The project requires that those being filmed are minors.
  6. The task will be completed in a participant’s home or private premises.
  7. Google will “retain the data as long as needed to fulfill the Purposes.
  8. A diverse set of end-users is needed to help improve the authentication methods, thus offering more secure tools for the end users.

(sourced/lifted/paraphrased from: 404 Media)

Blurry image of the Google logo
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