Why would anyone want to gain access to your company's ChatGPT accounts?

Because they know that in the absence of regulation and policy enforcement, users are likely to enter sensitive information, intellectual property details, personal data and strategically important information.

ChatGPT saves this data in chat logs by default, giving thieves exceptional visibility into company operations and creating a vast opportunity for targeted attacks, including profitable secondary markets for cyber espionage, extortion and other flavours of organized crime.

Click to read the referenced article: Over 100,000 ChatGPT accounts stolen via info-stealing malware (bleepingcomputer.com)

In addition to augmenting your online/cloud communications policy to include acceptable use of AI, ensure that your users:

  1. secure their accounts with 2FA or other multifactor access
  2. reduce cybercrime risk by disabling or clearing their chat logs often
  3. never enter sensitive information or privacy details into any cloud app, let alone any that purport to use machine learning or LLM.